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Wild West Sleepover

Howdy partners! Giddy up and jump on that wagon, because the Beavers went to the most rootin’ tootin’ Wild West Sleepover in the whole of the States!


Twenty-two outlaws arrived, their aim; to train to become honourable, law-abiding cowboys and cowgirls. A rigorous training programme awaited them, but through grit and determination, they were to overcome many a challenge.


Beavers began with a few energetic games (maybe an exhaustion strategy??), then were to be sorted into their posses: Davy Crockett led by Snowdrop Starr, Billy the Kid with Calamity Thistle, Billy the Kid led by Sheriff Oak, and Geronimo were joined by Chief Sitting Wren. All of this before a popcorn-accompanied viewing of ‘Toy Story 2’ before an early night- a busy day was in store!


Up by half 5 (to the leaders’ delight) the outlaws were challenged with over an hour of hiking around to Bluebell Woods, before being welcomed back by the smell a true cowboy knows only too well- bacon!! But there was no time to rest, as there were trading posts to complete. Each outlaw was to complete a series of fiddley, active, creative and practical activities to truly rejoin the cowboy community. They plaited woggles, decorated mess tins and bandanas, even had a go at tying and throwing lassos.

Quick lunch, then news was received that around the field were nuggets of gold which could exchanged for posse points- needless to say that was a busy half hour of rummaging in bushes!

The afternoon was then filled with what can only be described as a Wild West Olympics. Horseshoe tossing, horse (space hopper) racing, lassoing sheep and a rather excitable wooden horse. The toughest of all was ‘space hopper rodeo’, with the champion only lasting 5 seconds!

This led the way to the Hoedown! A jam-packed disco with games, line dancing and the odd bit of freestyling from the leaders- which I am sure the Beavers appreciated. The evening was topped off with a campfire, some classic camp songs, bread twists and smores. Unsurprisingly it didn’t take long to get to sleep that night!

The next morning was a flurry of sleeping-bag rolling, bag packing, with just enough time to colour in a cactus magnet and stitch together a dreamcatcher. The outlaws then were assembled as Sheriff Oak officially presented them with camp badges, authenticating their place as cowboys and cowgirls!


Thank you to everybody who joined us, and hope to see you all again next year

click here to see the photos: wild-west-sleepover-2018 ‎

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