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The Tri-Wizard cup!

After dark yesterday the goblet of fire arrived at Hogwarts!

Each student entered their name into the goblet, the green flames confirmed their entry into the tournament

Friday began with the finals of the Quidditch World Cup

Ireland faced Bulgaria with Ireland winning overall after 7 exciting games!

Game footage here (Goes to YouTube)

ireland the winners

Mad eyes menu pun told us what we were having for lunch…

lunch menu

After lunch the tri-wizard challenges began!

The houses searched for port keys, Levitatied feathers, found house elf socks and negotiated the enchanted maze

The final found them escaping to Hogsmead, delivering proficies to the ministry and breaking into Gringotts Before being chased out by the dragon

Half time brought along a round of butter beer for the thirsty components

Watch Gryffindor compete (Goes to YouTube)

Hufflepuff were then crowned winners of the tri-wizard cup

Hufflepuff, tri-wizard winners

Hippogriff fajitas were served for dinner followed by baby mandrake pudding

The Yule ball was finished off with with a campfire and awards

 So after a busy day and a long week we found out the winners of this years house cup….

And the winner was

With 332 points


Everyone else worked hard and competed well throughout the week with only a few points between each house!

All students also passed their OWL exams with flying colours

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