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Scout Training in Action!

Here is a letter we received from one of our Scout’s Parents. The Scout Group is very proud of Charlie.

” I would like to share with you an experience Charlie had last Friday where his Scouting training clearly kicked in!

On Friday afternoon Charlie returned home from school very late. When we checked that everything was alright, he proceeded to tell us how he and his friend had come across another of your students crying outside a house in Sunnymead Drive, whilst on their journey home.
Both Charlie and his friend stopped to ask if the boy was alright? It was then they discovered that this boy had arrived at his Grandmothers house to find that his Granny had taken a tumble and was laying on the floor with a wound to her head. Charlie used his friends phone to call an ambulance, waited until it arrived and then went off to find the boys mother, to inform her of what was going on.

I was amazed at how sensible and responsible both Charlie and his friend were when confronted with this tricky situation and we are incredibly proud that he kept calm to help the boy and his Grandmother.”

Group Scout Leader and avid crafter -knitting, sewing and up cycling.

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