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Sailing with Langstone Sailability

On a lovely sunny (although very windy) evening 10 scouts and Explorers joined a Scout Troop from Bedhampton at the sailing club at Langstone. We spent the evening trying out different types of craft – small dingies, larger sailing boats and a landing craft, and learning how to rig them. We then launched some rowing boats and raced the other troop in a relay. Denmead won this, despite rowing in circles and dropping the oars in the water! 

We were invited to this experience as Denmead Group raise money every year for this sailing club that provide sailing for the disabled.

hero of the day was Claire who was left with 2 scouts in charge of a dinghy after the skipper (the only person who knew how to sail!)  was knocked off the boat by the boom. In true Scout leader fashion she kept calm and managed to turn the boat and call for help on the radio. 1000 points to her! 


Group Scout Leader and avid crafter -knitting, sewing and up cycling.

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