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Mountain Climbing in the Adirondacks

I’m still having an amazing time in America! Around all the work with children and horses I’ve finally managed to climb two of the many mountains around me, Noonmark and Roostercomb! I’ve been water tubing down the Ausable River, just a short drive away from me too so I feel as though I’ve had lots of adventures!

I’ve only got a fortnight of work left here. It’s been a little sad here the last few days as two of my campers had to leave early for school. Luckily, I’ve still got plenty of work to keep me busy until the rest of my little herd head off!

I did make a mistake in my email address in my last post. It’s meant to be rather than live. Feel free to send my messages on there, I’d love to hear about your own adventures!

Hope everyone’s enjoying their summers!

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