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Mike and his Meerkat selfie

Today we visited the world-renowned Zooparc de Beauval. True to form Simon came up with the challenge for the day which was that everyone had to take a selfie with a zoo animal whose name began with the same letter as theirs. Entries were Molly and the Manitou, Ben and the Baby elephant, Mike and the Meerkat, Simon and the Sun Parakeet. Ang and the Alligator, James and the Jaguar, Will and the Wallaby, Alan and the Anteater, Ashley and the Albino Tiger, Ollie and the Orang Utang, Ethan and the Elephant, Ed and another Elephant (or was it the same one), Chad and the Condor and last but not least, Jake and the Javan Langeuse. A vote finally establish that Mike and the Meerkat had won by a mere 1 point. Here is the proud Mike with his Meerkat (named Sergei of course). Many photos were also taken by all especially at the birds of prey flying display.



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