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Leaders go Camel Racing

On Saturday Denmead Leaders and Exec members got together for a fun evening of  camel racing. Where do we find camels in Denmead? we make them of course! A track was drawn on the floor of the HQ and dice were thrown to move the wooden camels. There were a few camel handlers in costume and an authentic bedouin tent.

A lot of money was spent on each auction for the camels before each race and then a lot of betting on the results. Luckily for everyone’s finances the money was Denmead Euros printed specially for the evening.

Over the course of the evening fortunes changed dramatically and in the end the winner with over €7000 was Liz.

Traditional Egyptian chilli was served during the evening and quite a few glasses of wine and beer.

We will be running a fundraising race night soon so please watch this space.


Group Scout Leader and avid crafter -knitting, sewing and up cycling.

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