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I’m a Scout – GET ME OUT OF HERE!

Early in May the Spitfire Scout Group went on a camp near Hipley, the theme of which was based on the ‘I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here’ TV show. Fortunately the Scouts possessed more than one brain cell each so they were able to survive without all the stuff that goes on behind the cameras, unlike the so-called ‘stars’.

They were given a number of food eating challenges which were as follows:

1. Sprouts in chocolate

2. Cockles

3. Gherkins and olives – apparently this got rid of a lot of them

4. Ox kidney (cooked)

5. Pig’s heart (cooked)

6. Rollmop herring

7. Pig’s head (cooked), especially the ears and snout

The rules were that they had to chew the food, swallow it and keep it down. By the end of the week this had weeded the hopefuls down from 20 to 4. Wendy Theobald-Morgan, Spitfire Scout Leader (and part-time butcher) said “they all rose to the challenge and wanted to try everything. Well done!”

The final was held Last Friday night at Denmead Scout Group HQ where they were challenged to eat cooked pig’s eyes! They all passed this final test and were acclaimed as joint winners. Jake Burfoot (‘Noose’) was crowned ‘King of the Jungle’ for his overall performance during the weekend. See the photos below. You might want to do this outside of mealtimes.

DSG delicacy - pigs' eyeballs.
DSG delicacy – pigs’ eyeballs.









What was that you said we had to eat?









King of the Jungle - Jake.
King of the Jungle – Jake.













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