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HQ workday

Here are some photos from the very successful workday last Saturday. Many thanks to all who helped – see the note below from our Chairman.





Dear All,

Just an update following a very successful work day yesterday.

The day started with a dodgy weather forecast so work started in haste on a number of the outside jobs.

Mike, Ollie & Will Wall cracked on with sorting out fitting a new drain in the pathway, and following at least 2 trips to Wickes, a puncture and lot of wet cement, the drain was concreted into place just as the sky opened up and down came the rain. Bruce Vinton joined to help dig an additional trench and thankfully the water started to soak away and the path was clear; no puddle so the new drain did it’s job.

Inside Mike Allsop-Smith whose son’s Joe and Taylor belong to Beavers (and Molly) focused on mending the hall door closer, replacing the broken cladding outside, and reinforcing the rear ramp by the back door – Yes Al, we do listen! Mike also had a go at shelving in Wendy’s store.

Whilst this was all going on, Simon Talling started to dismantle the rear corner of the outside hall to investigate the storm damage. With a little help from Colin Maudsley, after a hour of removing the green cladding, an alarming sight was to behold. Previous water damage has turned the wall and insulation into a bit of a mess and nothing more than cotton wool and a couple of pink wriggly things. The corner has been partially repaired but will require at least a days work to repair it, maybe more.

Working on his own, Rob Marsh beavered(!) away in the container fitting two spot lights to provide much need light as we always seem to load the container at the end of the day or in the dark. Good Job well done.

Paul Westron along with Ollie and Henry helped mend the broken lid of cupboard in the hall, fixed the kitchen door which now closes, and helped prepare the ground to the side of the container.

Bernie along with a little bit of ladder holding from Richard Merrifield, fitted a replacement LED Lamp to the rear entrance. Al fitted the heaters to the wall in the explorers room.

Some of the Scouts helped out general clearing up and compost removal making the place look a bit tidier.

To keep our workers spirits up and their bellies filled, bacon and sausage butties (along with tommy K and HP sauce) were called for along with tea and cakes (and few doughnuts)

Please see below the achievements for the day. Sorry about the formatting. this is getting fixed.

A massive thanks to all those who helped and contributed to a very worthwhile work day.

Skills required/ People
Investigate storm damage to external east wall corner. MORE WORK REQUIRED
Remove cladding and investigate . Further repair work required
General DIY Skills
2 persons
2 hours
Replace wooden cladding outside COMPLETE
Replace and paint cladding where broken. Wood required
General DIY Skills
2 persons
2 hours
Shelving in Wendy’s store
Wendy needs to specify what she wants so we can get materials. (Wendy let us you’re your thoughts)
Will need wood, shelving and plasterboard fixings
General DIY Skills
3 persons
3 hours
Entrance walkway where puddle occurs COMPLETE
Option 1 – Fit french drain and raise slabs – Needs sand/hardcore and 1.2m French drain, and tools
General DIY/Groundworker Skills
2 persons
3 hours
Replace lamp by rear door/ ramp COMPLETE
New lamp will need to be purchased (Craig to buy) 2 persons to fit. (Ladder needed)
2 persons
1 hour
Fit convector heaters to wall in explorers room COMPLETE
Screw 2 x heaters to wall
General DIY Skills
15 minutes
Prepare ground adjacent to current container COMPLETE
To enable a second container to be put in the yard, the current container will need to be shifted by about 6ft and the ground will need some preparation digging ground) to enable it to be moved. Material required stones/ hardcore.
General DIY Skills
3 persons
2 hours
Kitchen door not shutting properly. COMPLETE
Remove kitchen door and skim bottom – Will need manual or electric plane
General DIY Skills
2 persons
1 ½ hours
General clear up COMPLETE
Compost will need clearing out, and general area could do with a tidy up. (Garden tools required)
No skills required
Lots of people

Mending of wooden cover at far end of hall COMPLETE
White contiboard required.
General DIY Skills
1 person
30 minutes
Deep clean of kitchen
Deep clean of units, cooker and floor required
2 persons
2 hours
Replace door closer on kitchen/ hall door COMPLETE
Buy new door closer from Screwfix (Craig)
General DIY Skills
1 person
30 minutes
Replace light starters COMPLETE
New starters to be purchased (Craig) and fitted
General DIY Skills
1 person
30 minutes
Fit lights in container COMPLETE
2 x 6ft fluorescent tubes (or equivalent) to be installed in container and temporary supply fitted (to extension lead to allow temporary connection to outside socket)
2 persons
2 hours
Planting of bulbs

Rear ramp COMPLETE

Partially reinforced. 1 Day required to create decking and new ramp.
Building skills

Kind Regards


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