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  • Keep posts short and to the point; add a photo or two, or even a short video.
  • Select Category ‘News’ for general Group-related items. Also select one or more Categories relevant to the appropriate Sections to which the post relates.
  • Select Categories ‘Blog’ (will appear in DSG Blog) and the relevant section, e.g. ‘Cubs’ (will also appear in that section), for Section-specific items
  • If you are at an event where it is likely that there will be several posts (e.g. a weekend camp or all-day event):
    • add ‘Featured photo’ (puts a thumbnail by the post and helps to identify the event)
    • for the first post select Categories ‘Blog’ and relevant Section, e.g.’Cubs’.
    • for all other related posts select the Category relevant to the Section only e.g. ‘Cubs’ (this avoids swamping the DSG Blog with one event)
  • Keep blogging!


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