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H0014 activity update

The bad news 1. the camp site wi-fi is fairly hopeless which is the reason for the lack of posts on the blog to date. The bad news 2. yours truly (Alan ESL) has had to come home with an injured shoulder (too much lifting methinks). The GOOD news – now I can post some photos I took over the last few days, albeit mostly Explorer-related. So here goes:

Opening ceremony first night, checkout the hashtag






Our GSL strikes a normal pose while Mike looks bewildered












Will, Ollie and Ed fire their ball at the ramparts









Michael, Molly and Ethan with their weird skis









Toby modelling his new hairdo after going through the wringer












Zipwire fun for Ashley












Our intrepid Explorer crew, L to R:

Will, Toby, Ed, Molly, Michael, Ethan, Ashley, Ollie and James









More posts to follow as I get photos. Everyone is having a great time.  There is so much to do.


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