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District Cub Chess Competition

Cubs representing packs in the Waterlooville district battled it out with Kings, queens and Knights at the annual Chess competition held at Denmead Scout HQ

There were 2 age groups and the Cubs took part in a round robin competition leading to 2 finals to decide the winners. 

The results:

Under 9.5yrs. Winner- Matthew Hartridge from Wolves Pack Purbrook 

Runner up- Oscar Knight from Wolves Pack Purbrook

Over 9.5yrs: 

Winner- Alfie Yates from Concorde Pack Denmead

Runner up – Wesley Barclay from 2nd Waterlooville pack

The Final 

  Denmead Merlin and Concorde representatives:


Group Scout Leader and avid crafter -knitting, sewing and up cycling.

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