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Monster Party!

We now have a dinosaur gate and paraded our dinosaur and monsters to the monster party. The sun is still shining and we're still having fun. Looking forward to the beavers coming tomorrow!

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Scout Training in Action!

Here is a letter we received from one of our Scout's Parents. The Scout Group is very proud of Charlie. " I would like to share with you an experience Charlie had last Friday where his Scouting training clearly kicked in!…

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Scouts survive the weekend!

Once again the Scouts were challenged by Wendy and her team at their annual "I'm a scout, get me out of here!" Camp. They had to make useful camp gadgets, keep their fire going all day and then prepare and…

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Chariots of fire!

Friday evening saw the Scouts putting their newly learned lashing skills into practice. Using poles, string and one wheel they had to create a chariot that would carry a member of their patrol through a slalom course. Unfortunately one team's…

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