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Running the HQ means that there is always maintenance to be done. Naturally the HQ has to be thoroughly cleaned once a week but in addition we have a team to do running repairs. A major part of maintenance is to spot problems as they become apparent e.g. a new roof needed! The team will arrange quotations from third parties, appropriate funding and final approval by the Executive Committee for the expenditure. Then contractors will be appointed and the work monitored to a successful conclusion. We also carry out ‘work weekends’ where helpers come to the HQ to do various tasks such as painting and decorating and clearing rubbish.

There are often small jobs that need attending to e.g. leaky taps, replacing light bulbs. We always need volunteers who are willing to drop in when necessary to attend to these small items, so if you think you could help in this way or would be willing to help at work days, then please contact the Maintenance Team using the form below. You can also use this form to report items that need attention.

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